Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Relaunch Hell

Five, four, three, two, one... the countdown to D-Day is on! It's five days before the big day - the relaunch of our website!

I'd like to say I'm excited, but mostly I'm just exhausted. I'd like to say the worst is behind me, yet every day something completely unexpected and frequently horrorific affronts me.

Yes, I'm just damn sick of this website relaunch! And mostly, I just want it to be done!!!

My two-year-old daughter has been so sad that she never sees me as I'm working so much overtime (she's clinging to other dads at the park due to withdrawal). I'm exhausted as I'm literally working on this project day and night. By day and into the evening I'm at the grind, and come night, I'm dreaming about the project (which has had the upside of helping me figure out and remember things). I'm downing rum and cokes by the litres and upping my caffeine intake into hyperspace.

After weeks of beavering away at this relaunch, there's been a lot of trade-offs, sacrifices, uncovering Frankencode (a horrid patchwork of ghastly code that somehow, though barely, manages to come to life), cross browser chaos, emotional roller-coasters, and worst than scope creep - scope attack.

Yes, it is great to create something tangible and see it take shape. But man relaunches are hell!

Webslinger readers: please share your relaunch horror story so I can take solace in your agony.

And I forgot to mention, the company cancelled my launch party too! Months of relaunch hell and now no infamous launch party to look forward to. :(

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