Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Comments on Comments

Blogs by their very nature need to have comments, otherwise they are nothing significantly different than any web posting.

(Yes, Webslinger lacks in this regard - despite the much-appreciated efforts of three loyal readers.)

With this blog, I really wanted to be as open as possible to hearing from anyone - including complete strangers or passing readers that want to leave a quick note. Therefore, I have left the settings of this blog open to anonymous comments.

This tactic, I believe, helps encourage discussion and interaction and makes new readers and blog newbies more likely to comment.

The downside is spammers are hijacking this openness to post spam comments. I hate spam as much, if not more so, than anyone, so I find this really annoying!

My last post has an anonymous comment that I'm fairly certain is spam. I am reluctant to delete it though, as I don't want to cut legitimate comments - even if they are vague or off-topic. So if you were the person who posted it - please identify yourself.

The spam comments to date have not so numerous that I can't delete them manually. But I've been told that as a blog's readership grows, so too does spam.

I've decided in order to encourage easy and open dialogue in this blog, I'm going to continue to allow anonymous comments. I hope the spam doesn't grow or I might be forced to restrict comments.

I'm certain most other bloggers have faced or will face this same issue. It will be a real shame if spammers ruin one of the greatest strengths of the blog medium.

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