Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Alive - But I'm Not

The Relaunch is launched! My burden has been released. I'm free at last!

The new website is now live, but I'm anything but.

This project almost killed me. I guess I'm too damn old for the endless overtime and stress. In many ways, this relaunch is not much worst than others I've been through or heard about - just hell while you're living it.

I'm so incredibly exhausted, overly grumpy, I've had insomnia and I feel nauseous frequently. My blood pressure was at the highest ever and I'm sure I gained weight as I have barely left my chair for weeks. So this website relaunch has almost literally killed me.

I was so glad to see my daughter again I had to go many days without seeing her at all - recently I went three entire days without seeing her (during that time she was playing with her Fisher-Price Little People and the mother and child were playing in the house but the daddy was always by himself at the computer "at work").

I feel so much relief that it is done.

Today, was the big day and I knew there would be lots of issues. And there were - the two biggest, not surprisingly, were with Flash. But my coworkers and I solved a lot of things on the spot, so at the end of the day almost everything is going quite well.

Didn't get to do all the Help stuff I wanted to - that always gets left to the last and with scope attack there just wasn't time. But I still want to use DemoFuse so hopefully later this week... (the relaunch never dies!)


Stephen Fetter said...

Nice to know you're still alive ... but what about adding a link to your site so we can see your work?


Bargainista said...

Congratulations! The months of hard work paid off - I really like what you've done with, particularly the easy of navigation and the Key Pages features concept.