Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Brain is a Big Mesh

Just got back from Mesh. However, I've been so preoccupied with the website relaunch (yes I'm sorry to still be harping about this - at least the end is in site - June 18 is the go live date) that I haven't been able to sleep. So it's been hard dragging my extremely tired ass, attached to my stressed-out mind to this conference.

But I'm glad I did. Maybe it was the free Red Bull they were giving out, but despite my relaunch-withdrawal-induced insomnia, I had a great time, learned a few things, and talked to a lot of interesting people.

Mesh also had the unexpected benefit of having me home before 9pm so that I had time to blog and tag.

Spending the last couple days hearing and discussing all the cool things people are doing on the web, made me realize what a relaunch bubble I have been in lately. Not only has my dear blog languished, but I haven't tagged anything to in almost a month. I may love my bookmarks even more than you dear blog, so when I tagged Interaction Camp today (which I'm hoping my kaput ass can make it to this Saturday morning) I felt like I was reconnecting with a long-forgotten friend (a feeling not dissimilar to a friend request from someone barely remembered from highschool).

Okay, so back to Mesh.

First, I loved the setting: MaRS. Great mix of a heritage and new building.

Second, the attendees at this seemed way more friendly than any other conference or seminar I have ever been to. And they were very interesting and knowledgeable - I finally feel like I have found others in the know (I've been questing for a group of Internet professionals in Toronto and have been disappointed as some are too badly organized, some are full of amateurs and others are really only for marketing-types). So it was exciting to meet people with a similar background and passion for the Internet. Wish it wasn't just for two days though.

The keynotes, panels and workshops were good - particularly since the organizers had gathered impressive speakers both well-known and lesser-known experts.

I think the most useful things for me was the 15 Minutes of Fame that allowed innovative companies to introduce their wares. I'll be trying out at least a couple things from this and will be blogging about this later.

Mesh was a happy interlude - reaffirming my love of the Internet and love of talking about the Internet. Now back to the grind...

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