Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You are the Time's person of the year!

It's been a few days, but I just found out that YOU are Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

They mean the you in the sense of Web 2.0.

The content-creating, forum-posting, avatar-living, blog-ranting, review-writing, video-producing, social-networking, online-collaborating, web-living YOU!

Along with their declaration of the role of the individual in shaping the new Internet and the resulting cultural changes, Time has put together a suite of good articles.

My favourites articles are:
  • Enough About You - how user-generated content and increasingly niche news/info sources allows people to not hear about things they need to know about
  • Andy Warhol Was Right - the Internet as the ultimate narcissist vehicle, "On the Web, everyone is famous to 15 people."
  • Web Boom 2.0 - why the build-up of Web 2.0 is not a bubble about to burst
  • My So-Called Second Life - are people's Second Life as pathetic as their first?

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