Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's all about me!

It's my birthday today, so this blog is all about me! (Even more so than usual.)

Master of my domain
First, as my birthday gift to myself, I registered my own domain,
It redirects here for the time being.

Despite being in the Internet field for about eight years now, I never registered a domain. quickly turned up as the favoured domain registrar. I wanted a Canadian company but they (eg. are not as cheap ($7 per year) or offered as much extras. So far, so good with Go Daddy. will soon be the destination - for me, my mother, and possibly my wife.

For your viewing pleasure?
In honour of my birthday, I tried out Levi's personalized ad campaign. It's creepy, but unique. But you haven't seen anything like this before and after viewing this, you won't want to.

Glen stars in Levi ad - Rated "R" (terrifying)

Even more Glen
I've been cooking up a lot of stuff lately and over the years.
Wow: this is way more than even I want to know about me.!

The Internet really does enable - even encourage - narcissism.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday buddy!