Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I love the Internet and I love postcards. Recently, I found a way to marry those two loves:

A friend, Stacy, passed this free website and service on to me last month and I’m hooked. Having collected postcards since I was a kid, in the last couple years I have become a fervent, ardent collector. (Thanks to a trip to Ikea and spotting their cobalt Emu bins - with the storage in place the collection could now flourish.)

But I don’t buy cards for my collection and my friends and family don’t travel much (except Stacy), so my collection has languished.

Then Postcrossing came along!

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:
  1. Sign up and create a profile, indicated the types of postcards you’d ideally like to receive
  2. Request to send a card – the system will then draw from its database pool and give you a person and their profile
  3. Mail the postcard
  4. When the recipient receives it, they log it into the system
  5. Your name now goes into the pool to receive one

I’ve already sent and received four postcards. I love them all but two of them are really terrific! There does seem to be some idiosyncrasies as I received two on the same day that mine were received. But otherwise, it’s been great.

Check it out and you’ll love it – the Finns sure do, as you’ll soon discover.

I love how the Internet has enabled this (and the site founder too). Prior to the Net, things like this just would not have been possible!

My Emus will soon be bursting…

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