Sunday, January 05, 2014

Waning Interest in Blogging

I'll be honest 2013 was my best year for blogging. I have to admit that I've lost a lot of my enthusiasm for blogging. Last year was my least productive blogging year in 5 years.

I started the year out okay; 1/4 of my blog posts I did in the first two months of 2013.  Part of my lack of enthusiasm comes from both a lack of time and a waning interest in expressing my thoughts on this topic.

So I started another blog to have fun showcasing my postcard collection, entitled The Deltiology Deity. Having a new topic energized my blogging and I did 164 blog since launching the blog in mid February.  But even my interest in this blog has been waning.

I'm still interested in blogging when something special happen. For example, it was fun blogging last year about my experiences with my daughter and her new digital media toy or our geocaching adventures.  But otherwise, I find the best I can muster is reposting content I wrote for other reasons.

One of the main reasons for loosing interest in blogging is the time commitments it takes. It also doesn't help that there is no financial motivation to blog. Like many blogs, I don't tend to get many comments on my blog posts - so it hasn't exactly lead to any good discussions.

I think my efforts might be better spent on other things - such as academic publications and presentations or anything that provides monetary support.

So are there still benefits to blogging?

Any tips for how to reinvigorate one's interest in blogging? Any tips on how to stick with it and find regular inspiration?

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