Friday, January 03, 2014

My Favourite Webslinger Posts of 2013

Per my annual tradition, I look back on my posts of the past year and highlight the ones that were my favourite.  Yes, in some months there was only one post and October was a no go, but here are the blog posts from 2013 that I particularly enjoyed.

Geo-Services are a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
This article provided me ample proof that it was a great idea to switch my career focus to locative media and mobile-enabled geo-informatics!

Power of Online Social Mapping
I attended a presentation by the makers of HarrassMap, that uses social media to map locations in Egypt where woman are not safe.  It demonstrates the positive role that geoweb and social media technologies can have to promote change and improve peoples lives.

Milestones in the History of Geo-Locative Services
My exhaustive timeline of the innovations in geo-positioning technology, Internet
mobile computing, geoweb, and graphical interface design that have combined to make locative media / location-based services possible.

Digital Playground/School in Toronto
My daughter and I got to play hooky and attend Toronto's TIFF digital media playground - a day spent playing with cutting-edge digital media and maker tech - so naturally a good time was had by all.

Mobile Priorities: Spectrum, Talent and Much Lower Costs
Backbone Magazine held a special event discussing the future of mobile devices and its increasing socio-political impact and the challenges Canada faces to be globally competitive in this area.

Mobile devices are absorbing the functionalities of more and more other devices, here's my list of them (BTW, last year was the first year I didn't have a wristwatch - as my mobile does the job even better.)

Online Portfolios
An unexpected job offer (didn't take it) made me realize that I needed an online portfolio now.  I experimented with various options, but concluded that a WordPress site was the most expedient and let's my highlights my various professional work.

Putting Locative Technology In Its Sense of Place
I presented an update on my work at an IEEE conference. This blog post covers my findings based on a survey of location-based services users.

My Snapshots of Canada
Using an online map widget and my Flickr geotagged pix, I share my love of the beauty of Canada.

Exploring the World of Geocaching
I finally decided to try my hand on the popular pastime of geocaching.  My daughter's help we used an app that allows us to find secret treasure caches hidden amongst our surroundings.

I Wonder What the App Developers Were Thinking?
Mobile apps and location-based services are maturing and can provide incredibly helpful functionality - but there are still some really pitiful ones that really miss the opportunity to help their customers (and make more money while doing it).

Mobile Apps and Sites Usability Top 10 Tips
This post on ten annoying mobile app usability issues I found has got a lot of visits, demonstrating that there is still great need for improvement in this area.

Digital Media and Toy Play - A Review of My Kid's Christmas Toy
My daughter and I wrote this blog post that reviews the latest and greatest in kid's digital media and physical toys.

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