Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Random-ish Things

If one ever misses those chain letters of one's youth, they certainly haven't disappeared, but are now called "Internet memes".

They can be fun, so I when Eden Spodek, Toronto's fashion and shopping blogger extraordinaire tagged me, I figured I'd participate. However, I'm changing the rules to focus just on random things related to the Internet and I'm not passing the chain on.

Six Random Internet Things About Me
  1. I have a "Adult Contemporary" channel as one of my favourites on Internet radio station, Iceberg. Tom Jones' "Delilah" came on now, and while I know I should feel ashamed, I'm happily singing along.
  2. My first Internet job was temping for Macromedia for their Dreamweaver 2.0 release in Toronto (I hardly even knew what the Net was and had no idea what HTML or WYSIWYG was)
  3. I think I like WebKinz better than my daughter does. I wish I had the koala bear WebKinz.
  4. While I love the Internet, I hate it when people assume I'm some major techie geek. I can't fix everyone's computer problems and hate it when people insist I try.
  5. I do a vanity Google every couple days and can't stand it when others with my name come up in the first 20 results.
  6. When deciding upon a new career direction it was between eco-tourism or the Internet.
BTW, I do like these things but I much preferred a tea towel chain that I participated in years ago.

1 comment:

Bargainista said...

Glen, Glad you chose the 'Net over eco-tourism otherwise we wouldn't have met. I hear you about people thinking you know how to fix computers.

As for the rules, they're meant to be broken.