Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giving Twitter a Second Try

After a year of denigrating Twitter I have finally given in and started tweeting.

The first impression of Twitter is that it's a great waste of time, and it is, for the most part, as many people use it to share the most mundane details of their lives.

One thing that I have found interesting, however, about Twitter is it really is a completely new form of communication developing. It's only two years old, but only popular for 1 year (already has 2M users). It's interesting to watch norms developing, see people trying to figure out how to use this new medium, and imagine how it might evolve.

Twitter in brief:
  • works via text messaging and/or by the Web
  • combo of micro-blogging/status updates & social network
  • posts (tweets) are limited to 140 characters
  • can be public or private (just to your network of friends)
I'm using my Twitter account now to feed "breaking" news to my blog. Great alternative for blog posts that you don't have time to write up or for subjects that don't need a full post.

Here's a good article on the communicative value of Twitter (particularly compared to blogs and Facebook): Why Twitter Hasn’t Failed: The Power Of Audience

But the main reason I'm writing, is that for me (or anyone) to realize value it relies on network effects. Check out my Twitter page and start following me if you're interested in what I had for dinner (I promise not to post this type of stuff - seriously).

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