Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My nightmare, but someone else is living it

As a website manager my nightmare is that not only will online things not work but that they'll corrupt data, have to be taken offline, a big public fiasco results, media frenzy ensues, head roll!! The horror!

At least someone else is living my nightmare though...

The Canada Revenue Agency, with tax season in full swing, announced today that their online services, specifically Netfile, Efile and their personalized account interface ("My Account") all had to be taken offline, temporarily pending investigation into "infrastructure problems".

Read the press release on CRA's website.

I feel their pain... but hope they get it up in time for me to do my taxes.

I love Netfile; it's so quick and easy. I've been doing it for years. Last year, I lost our Netfile codes and had to print everything out and mail it in then wait ages for the refund - made me appreciate Netfile all the more.

Whomever is now killing themselves over this at CRA, my heart goes out to you!

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