Friday, March 09, 2007

Great tools, stupid humans

Humanity can create great tools that could accomplish great things, but what do humans do with these tools? Hit each other over the head with them.

Globe and Mail has reported a recent online clash between Turks and Greeks in Centuries-old rivalry plays out on YouTube.

Apparently, Greeks and Turks have been taking turns posting racist videos on YouTube. It would be moronically funny, if it wasn't so pathetic. (Turkey banned YouTube in response, but has subsequently lifted the ban.)

There may be some hope for humanity using these tools more positively. Toronto police have recently posted to YouTube a crime-scene reenactment to help solve a violent crime and warn others about the attacker. (It happened where I used to live near York University - when will they make that area safe for students?). Full article.

Hamilton, Ontario police are believed to be the first police force to use YouTube for a criminal investigation. The Toronto Star has a good backgrounder on how and why police are turning to YouTube for help, Police court teen tips on YouTube.

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