Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snake eyes for online gambling

Noticed this item below about online gambling finally being halted in the US by curtailing use of credit cards, cheques and money transfers.

U.S. legislation hits online gaming industry hard

Not sure of the online gambling laws in Canada today (though here's a good backgrounder ) . But I hope this isn't the case of another party being ruined before it began for me.

Now I'm determined to gamble online soon!

I searched federal government site and the Net to find out if it is strictly legal in Canada. Couldn't find the answer, though in earlier cases it appeared okay to bet in Canada but not okay to operate a casino in Canada. It is okay though to make software for casinos in Canada.

However, this is something of a moot point now that CryptoLogic announced last week it is moving to Ireland. (Side point - do we have any cool Canadian tech companies left other than RIM? Lavalife has long been history and I won't even mention the great Nortel debacle).

Anyway, if anyone knows of a great online casino or cool betting game let me know!

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