Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Posts of 2015

Every year I recount my favourite posts to this blog. I've done it as my favourite post by month or a top ten. This year I'll try something new and do the top ten posts as determined by you readers. I reviewed my site usage records to determine most viewed blog posts that I wrote in 2015.

So here in order of most viewed, are the Top 15 Posts of 2015
  1. Playing and Learning with Digital Media and Technology at digiPlaySpace - for the past couple years my daughter and I play hooky and visit TIFF's digital media playground, here's her review
  2. Digital Help for Visitors to Toronto - Toronto hosted the PanAm Games this summer, so to help out visitors to our city I comprised a list of apps (including LBS) and websites to help them find their way and our sites
  3. No App Required - a post on the virtues of the Mobile Web over mobile apps and how one company gets it
  4. List of Location Based Services - years in the making, an updated list of the top apps with geolocative functionality
  5. Digital Advent Calendar for Canadians - I was impressed by an interactive holiday present from Harrowsmith, so I talked to the maker on how he put it together
  6. Email Etiquette: Things We All Should Know by Now - after receiving some rude and annoying emails this summer, I retaliated by publishing a list of how to use email correctly
  7. Learning Appreciation for Graphic Literature - I delivered a workshop for kids at my local library on the elements on graphic literature and how kids can make it themselves
  8. Careers in Corporate Digital Media - a presentation for university graduates on possible careers and skills needed for jobs involving digital media
  9. Tracking the Trackers - exploring my Android smartphone's location tracking feature
  10. Reading Into the So-Called Decline of eBooks - will digital media replace print, it's not as simple as people originally thought as some predict print books will replace eBooks
  11. Building a Solid Information Architecture for a Website - an overview and tips on how to organize the content of a website for users
  12. The Hardest Thing About Social Media - angry at a local company with shoddy service, I resisted the urge to post a negative review online and instead I posted some advice on why not posting is sometimes the best decision
  13. You Can Locate Me at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show - this past October I spoke at this tradeshow on user issues mobile, locative applications
  14. Accessibility of Information Systems - my presentation on accessibility as related to digital media and Ontario's accessibility law
  15. Motive to Make Locative Media Better - my interview with a Canadian company, Motive, who have launched a DIY platform to make it easy to launch locative media apps

Some of my favouite posts didn't make it to the top 15, so here are my missing favourites:
  • e-Postards Archives - my attempt to help preserve a communication form, e-Postcards, as it seems to be dying out
  • Images of Canada - for Canada Day 2015, I put together a slideshow of my favourite photos of Canada
  • Kids Doodle App - my kid just got her first smartphone in the summer and some apps, including a digital doodle app that she made an awesome image for me
  • National Girls Learning Code Day - November 7 was Girls Learning Code Day and my daughter and I spent the day at Telus headquarters building her first website
Judging from my posts for 2015, it was an eclectic year as I explored and wrote about a bunch of digital media topics. Plus, my usual posts on locative media (including a still active request for research participants on this topic). Hopefully, 2016 will be a similarly inspiring.

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