Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Need Your Help To Understand New Mobile Medium

  • Do you upload photos of your location?
  • Do you share your whereabouts online with friends?
  • Do you use your mobile device for reviews and directions where to shop or eat?
  • Do you use an app to uncover history and culture when in a new area?
  • Can you imagine navigating through the world without your mobile device?

Content on mobile devices targeted to our location (often by GPS) is changing the way we navigate and experience the world. These locative media apps (also known as location-based services) can draw upon our personal experience, histories or cultural associations of physical spaces. It is now easy to share this content and access it in the places where it is relevant.

Such locative media apps are still so new that the ways in which they contribute to our experiences of places is not well understood.

I’m seeking people who use locative media to help learn more about this exciting topic for a researching study I'm conducting at the University of Toronto.

Participation is open to people over 18 years old and who can communicate fluently in English. I’m looking for people using mobile media to engage with their places. This can be writing reviews or geotagging photos, but it can also be people looking up recommendations or history of places near them using their mobile device.

Participants will be interviewed on their usage. Participation can be conducted online, by telephone, or in-person at the University of Toronto.

Participants who complete the study will be given a $25 (Canadian currency) Visa gift card.

Please email me, Glen Farrelly at glen.farrelly @ if you are interested

*** For more details about the study, please visit my research website:

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