Thursday, June 04, 2015

Which Way is Up? How Locative Media May Enhance Sense of Place

Last September, I participated in a workshop at the Mobile HCI conference (read my blogpost). My short paper was selected as one of the best from the conference, so I was invited to submit a full length article for the Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction.

That article, Which Way is Up? How Locative Media May Enhance Sense of Place, is now online.

Here's the article summary:

Despite the growing prominence of locative media, its potential influence on our relationships to our places has not been well understood. Based on previous studies, this paper argues that locative media can affect our spatial relationships in various ways and thereby improve our sense of place.

To understand how this can be accomplished it is important to examine the features and affordances of the medium along with user practices and outcomes in relation to place. A brief history of locative media is offered to demonstrate a progression from an early focus on wayfinding to current applications that offer a variety of place-related experiences. Subsequent sections outline four qualities about locative media that combine to differentiate it from other media in regards to place, which are its interactivity, reach, mobility, and vocality.

The possible user outcomes of social navigation, autobiographical insideness, defamiliarization and refamiliarlization, and spatial interaction are examined as ways in which locative media can enhance sense of place.

Let me know if you'd like a sneak peek at the article.

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