Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kid Reviews Mobile Game Tunnel Town

I have a guest blogger for today's post, my young daughter.  She recently discovered mobile app game by the maker's of National Geographic's Animal Jam that she loves! It's called Tunnel Town.

It's a free game available on Android and iPhones. 

As I type this she is getting a new a new bunny in the game for me  - it's Halloween themed (my fav holiday) and she's naming it after me.

Daddy Glenny the Pumpkin Bunny

Here is her review:


I heard about Tunnel Town from an ad on Animal Jam a few months ago, and then a kid in my class talked about the game and then I remembered it. Then I felt like I wanted to try it, so my mommy downloaded it for me to our tablet. I thought it sounded cool and it is. It's good. R-e-a-l good!

The bunnies are from Jamma and they are dancing but then a phantom comes and takes them to Tunnel Town, a land where the bunnies have to learn to dig underground.

What you do in the game is get bunnies and make rooms underground and you can decorate or get things for the bunnies to do.

You start with a bunny and you can name your bunny. The first bunny I got I named is Alyssa. She is a Dust Bunny from the Desert. 

Alyssa in resting in her chair
Click on a bunny and if you want to find out about the type of bunny it is or where it is from. Then you can read more about it. You can also tell how much energy it has.

These are not real bunnies. They are just virtual ones. So like a squid bunny - they don't exist. They have really weird bunnies, like turtle bunnies, a cactus bunnies, chinchilla bunnies. There is even a sea-foam bunny. 

You can play with your bunnies. Bunnies can mine, dance, sleep. They jump and hop around on their own. They can fly using their ears too. If a bunny gets hungry or tired, they will tell you.

At the bottom of the screen is a camera button that takes a picture of Tunnel Town. That's how we got these pictures posted here.

You start with three garden plots. You get more plots as you level up. You can grow food for your bunnies to get energy.

The Garden Patch
Bunnies need energy so they can do their work. If you want them to dig they need food. If you want them to mine, they need food. Bunnies don't care what type of food it is, but some give them more energy than others.  Normal carrot seeds are free. You need gems or stars to buy other seeds. When the food is grown it glows and makes and a noise. I like growing food so the bunnies have lots to eat.

To get new bunnies or to decorate, you need to buy them with gems or stars. In the bunny tunnels are mines that the bunnies can work to get gems.

Bunnies hard at work mining gems for currency
They give you things to do and if you do them you get rewards. For instance, I had to get a kitchen set, which includes a stove, a kitchen sink, and a refrigerator. Or you might have to get a bathroom set.

Bunnies doing their bathroom business

You get new goals. When I first started I had one, but now I have 11 goals. You can also collect bugs and you can get rewards for doing that.

Bunnies go to the dance floor to breed babies. It can be any two bunnies that are level four and up. It is a mystery what kind of bunny you will get. You can also adopt bunnies by going to the store and buying one. I like to buy bunnies more because I can choose what bunnies I get.

Bunnies looking at each other
I made rooms for the bunnies based on the colour of their fur. Each room I want them to have a rug, a bed, and an accessory (a clock or a stool).

A Bunny-of-Paradise named after my mom

You put the bunnies into the bed and they go to sleep. They curl up and make cute snoring sounds and there will be zzzs. That's how they get energy.

Sunny the Cactus Bunny sleeping her bedroom
 Usually when I go I like to put them to bed or in a chair to be polite to them.

Sometimes it is really hard to find bunnies as they wander around wherever they want, so you have to search for them.

I like this better than Animal Jam because you can do everything without paying. I also think it is really cute how they have weird and adorable bunnies. It's easy to use. Most of all, it is a lot of fun!

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