Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blogging is the Best Revenge

I love the Internet! I'm so glad to work and study this field for so many reasons.  It really has made publishing much more open and egalitarian. And it has finally given consumers some power when companies treat them like crap.  Yes, I'm not above online revenge and it tastes sweet!

A few months ago I was moving to a new place. As everyone who has moved there is an infinite amount of work to do, and dealing with transferring one's utilities should be the least of one's challenges.  Well, as I blogged about dealing with Bell Canada to get our phone, TV, and Internet hooked up was living hell - see my post Dealing with Bell Canada is Like Having Broken Glass Ground Into My Eyes.

Without exaggeration not only did Bell easily waste 40 hours of my life during an incredibly busy, stressful period while I was on hold trying to get them to hook me up, but they also treated me with an incredible amount of disrespect and unprofessionalism. Bell, it turns out uses the euphemisms of "transferring a call" to hang up on customers and "following up" as forgetting and ignoring someone in perpetuity.

Big and small companies nowadays get the power of social media and try to do some "community outreach" or rather damage control. Not Bell apparently as they seem oblivious to the power of word-of-mouth.

As I was having problem-after-mindnumbing-problem with Bell, I told them I would be blogging and tweeting about my experience and telling all my social network never to deal with Bell.  My blog has some following and turns up decently on Google for key terms. Regardless, Bell should care what is being said about them online, yet at no time have they ever attempted to contact me or set things right.

So I recently checked out my blog's visitor statistics and revenge is mine!  My blog posts detailing Bell's customer service crimes have generated thousands of page views!

I may have gone through hell with Bell, but if I have warned Canadians away from Bell and helped draw public attention to their despicable service then I am smuggly satisfied.

Thank you Internet!

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