Friday, April 19, 2013

Typology of Location-Based Services & Locative Media

Over the past couple years, I have compiled a list of location-based services and locative media (see my prior post for how I define these).

Based on this ongoing monitoring, I have found they break down into the categories below.

Typology of Locative Services:
  • Art (e.g. showcasing art, encouraging artistic production, or fostering art experiences)
  • Coordination, Communication, and Safety 
  • Commerce and Marketing
  • Geosocial Networking (e.g. social networking centred around places visited)
  • Health
  • Local Discovery (e.g. encouraging exploration of places or discovering new info about places)
  • Location-based Games (e.g. using one's physical location as element of game play)
  • Hyperlocal News and Information (e.g. news based on a small area, neighbourhood)
  • Navigation and Transportation
  • Personal Efficiency and Organization (e.g. place based reminders, lists)
  • Social Recommendation and Navigation (e.g. business' reviews)
  • Travel and Place Guides
More and more applications are offering a variety of locative features along with a suite of functionalities, so there are only few instances of apps that fit into just one category.

If I missed a category, let me know.

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