Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's the Best Blogging Platform for My New Blog?

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Greetings from Oudtshoorn, South Africa
I started a new blog recently to showcase my postcard collection. I have been using Blogger (owned by Google) since September 2006 when I started this blog and I have also used other blogging platforms. But I haven't had the opportunity to really try some of the newer, hyped blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. Also, I have grown frustrated with Blogger and it's lack of visually appealing templates, its lack of innovative features, and its inability to be automatically imported into Facebook (I used to have this functionality, but Facebook took it away).  Blogger also has trouble formatting paragraph breaks and  blank spaces, when copying and pasting from other sources.

WordPress seems like the ideal solution for having full control of the design and features of a blog, but I wanted something really quick and easy to use. Also as the focus of my postcard blog is the visuals of the postcard, I wanted a design for my blog that was optimal for presenting visual content. I tried Tumblr and have not been impressed at all (I'll blog about my problems with Tumblr shortly) although it is really easy to use.

Before giving up on Blogger, I gave it one more try as it integrates really well with another Google product, Picasa. I've been using Picasa to polish my postcard images to make them suitable for publishing online. Picasa enables push-button publishing to Blogger, which would be good if it works.

A note on Picasa - although it does offer basic photo editing such as brightness, contrast, cropping, and special effects  - it doesn't have the ability to paint or fix dust/scatches on images as I need.)

I tried four times to use Picasa's publish to Blogger feature to work and it failed to post and lost all my work.

If the feature did work, there are still problems. For one, the blogging window that it opened doesn't have the full Blogger functionalities. So I can't time the post or add tags. It also doesn't seems to have the full formatting options either. And it only lets me post one image per post, which doesn't work for postcards as I'd like to post the front and back images. Finally, the geotag feature on Picasa, which seems promising appears to do nothing when published on Blogger - a great opportunity misssed.

So I'm not sold on Blogger or Tumblr. Does anyone else have any ideas on what an optimal blogging platform would be for me?

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