Friday, December 28, 2012

My Favourite Webslinger Posts of 2012

As the year wraps up, every year I reflect via this blog on my favourite posts from the past year.

Is Facebook an Echo Chamber?
A large study was released in January arguing that Facebook helps expose us to more and novel information, but although I love Facebook I discuss how my experience differs from the study's claims.

Top 20 Most Important Developments of the Internet
In honour of the Internet Society's 20th anniversary they asked for submissions from the public on what should make it into the Internet Hall of Fame - I offerred my 20 picks from the obvious (ARPANET and hypertext) to the forgotten (GeoCities and

Locative Media and Geosocial Networking - Overview Presentation
I was asked by one of Canada's top mobile carrier to speak to them about geosocial networking. Although I believe apps that focus exclusively on the geosocial networking may not last, embedded geosocial networking and media functionality is changing how we socialize, express, and discover.
(I also guest lectured on this topic to an undergraduate at University of Toronto in February.)

Canada's Walk of Fame - Needs Digital Footprints
In response to Canada's Walk of Fame lack of any people in digital media, I offerred my suggestions for some worthy inductees, such as Tim Bray, Garrett Camp, Lorne Abony, and William Gibson.

My Fondness and Frustration with foursquare
I was an early evangelist for the first great location-based service, foursquare, in this post I chronicle my love-hate relationship.

Putting Facebook and Flickr on the Map
If you look to your right of this blog, you'll see a link to "My Photos".  This page combines three of my greatest passions - the Internet, travelling, and photography.  I played around (for way too long) with various online photo mapping features to achieve a great way to display travel or local photos.

Notable Canadians in Digital Media and Technology
Every Canada Day, I update my list of famous and influential people and companies in digital media.  The list started out rather small, but has now grown to    over 200.

Explorations of Place and Media - An Interview with Shawn Micallef
A leader in locative media, Shawn Micallef, answered my questions on his early forays into locative media, [murmur] to his recent Twitter collaboration with Toronto's public transit and his plans for the future.

Tips to Get a SSHRC Graduate Grant
Although this topic, on how to get government grants for PhD or Master's research isn't normally within the Webslinger mandate, this post (which I update every year) has gotten the most response and views.

On Location in Baltimore
I presented at a conference in Baltimore (during Hurricane Sandy) on a study I did on how people use location-based service. While in Baltimore and armed with a new mobile device (a "superphone"), I thus had a chance to use new locative functionalities to explore new places.

Mobile Devices Are Changing Our Lives
Time Magazine ran a cover story on how mobile devices are changing our lives.  Despite the hyperbole that mobiles often engender, I offerred my suggestions on how they truly are changing our lives.

People Should Still Not Have to Think!
I got to meet one of the people who helped shaped my career, Steve Krug, the online usability god.  I took pages of notes on his presentation and got him to autograph my copy of his landmark book, "Don't Make Me Think".

Although I never see to have enough time to blog as much as I would like (and have a backlog of topics to get to), I did blog the most I have in four years. More importantly, I find blogging to be the most rewarding professional and creative outlet.

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