Friday, August 06, 2010

Foursquare User Types

Based on my research observing and interviewing Foursquare users, I created a list of user types. Most users appear to be a mixture of some or all types, however.

1) The Cartographer
• Enjoys adding or editing venues and adding tips and tags to define a place

2) The Explorer
• Uses it to find exciting new places and to learn best offerings at nearby venues

3) The Socializer
• Monitors friends’ whereabouts and coordinates get-togethers with friends

4) The Connector
• Checkins provide a way to meet new like-minded people or business contacts

5) The Gamer
• Strives to acquire mayorships and badges to lead in the application’s neverending game

6) The Advocate
• Uses it to express information about an issue

7) The Professional
• Attempts to further their business goals or to learn more for career purposes

8) The Narcissist
• Uses a public medium to create locations or publish information of interest mostly to him/herself

9) The Curious
• Just here to see what’s going on

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