Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada's Cyber Celebs

In honour of Canada Day, I wanted to further document Canada's contribution to the Internet and cyberculture. This area is greatly underpublished, as I found out while researching my prior articles on Canada's top Internet successes.

Below I have collected a list of Canadians inventors, researchers, developers, or writers who have contributed to the development or our understanding of the Internet or cyberculture. I'd like this to be an ongoing project and I will flesh out the bios in more detail in the future.
  • Alexander Graham Bell - without him all those on dial-up would be SOL
  • Tim Bray, father of XML & co-founder of Open Text (early web search engine)
  • Rhiannon Bury, academic, studies women and online fandom
  • Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr, pioneer in use of tagging
  • Bill Buxton, Microsoft's principal researcher, pioneer in field of human computer interaction
  • William Craig, founder of iCraveTV, the first company to stream TV over the Net
  • Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, Microserfs, JPod, etc.
  • Peter Deutsch, leader of the team that invented Archie, the first Internet search engine
  • John Demco, creator of the .ca domain, co-founder of Webnames.ca
  • Hossein Derakhshan - influential Iranian blogger
  • Cory Doctorow, activist, blogger & co-editor of Boing Boing
  • Michael Geist, academic, leader in field of Internet law
  • William Gibson, fiction author, visionary of cyberculture, coined term "cyberspace"
  • Marina Glogovac, CEO of Lavalife
  • James Gosling, inventor of Java programming language
  • Kevin Ham, the world's leading domainer
  • Graham Hill, founder of environmental blog site, TreeHugger
  • Pierre Lévy, academic, developed notions of collective intelligence
  • mafiaboy, prominent website hacker
  • Emma Payne, author and founder of Wired Women
  • Gerri Sinclair, founder of Canada's first multimedia research centre at Simon Fraser, founded NCompass Labs, content management software
  • Mark Rzepka, pioneer of online pharmacies
  • Jeffrey Skoll, co-founder of eBay
  • Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics
  • Clive Thompson, journalist has written for Shift, Wired
  • Barry Wellman, academic, pioneer in studies of online communities & social networking
  • Bob Young, founder of micropublisher, Lulu and former CEO of Red Hat
Please let me know of anyone who should be added to this list. I haven't included all the founders and leaders of the various Canadian companies (e.g. Research in Motion, Nortel, Club Penguin, StumbleUpon), but let me know if you feel they should be included.


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Glen Farrelly said...
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Glen Farrelly said...

Just found out that David Weinberger, author of "Everything is Misc" and co-author of "Cluetrain Manifesto" did his PhD at U.ofT. and appears to have worked for Open Text. Not necessarily Canadian, but worthy of honourable mention.