Saturday, April 21, 2007

Facebook is cyber-crack

It was exactly 10 days ago today that a friend, Lisa, invited me to join Facebook. I heard of Facebook but had no idea that it was open to anyone other than university students (Facebook opened their doors to anyone as of Sept. 2006).

It's only been ten days but it's been ten days of a cyber-crack induced haze of Facebook addiction. In that short time, I've gone from a Facebook virgin to Facebook tramp. During this time, I've forsaken my previous devoted amours of LinkedIn and even you, dear blog.

In honour of ten days of Facebook bliss, here are my ten favourite things about Facebook:
  1. it's the most fun social networking site - LinkedIn may be more useful but isn't much fun and MySpace may be more popular, but it sucks
  2. you can post embarrassing photos of your friends and tag their name to the pic and then all their friends will see the photo and join in the laughs
  3. great way to find old friends and actually reconnect for free. You can find friends by searching by their name or joining your past school's inevitably pre-existing Group., the granddaddy of social networking sites lost their edge by insisting on charging for this same functionality
  4. their event feature is like other sites (e-vent and Upcoming) but these sites make you get your contact network to these sites, whereas Facebook easily integrates with your existing network for private events and it also allows public events, or a combo of both
  5. as they say, Facebook is a stalker's best friend - Facebook's homepage makes it very easy to see exactly what your friends are up to (and it's way more fun than Twitter!)
  6. has same cool Group functionality as Yahoo or Google but as with point #4 you can tap into your existing network rather than try and get them to come to another website
  7. lots of sites try to encourage community by having members fill out Profiles but only Facebook seamlessly creates a network out of Profile interests. For instance, I had no idea so many people (320 in fact - some even under 50) shared my love of Golden Girls - now I don't feel so alone!
  8. has no annoying audio clips that start to play automatically when you visit a friend's page, like MySpace does
  9. let's you block "Friends" without their knowing it, which I have used to tune someone out without any awkward unpleasantness
  10. with ten friends you can too play the Friends Game! It's oh so much fun!

Yes, Facebook offers the addictive highs of cocaine and heroin, without the body-ravaging side effects.

Try it now! C'mon all your friends are doing it...


Jennifer Wiens said...

Glen - thanks to you I'm now a total Facebook junkie. While it may lack the "body ravaging" side effects it does lead to a loss of ambition to do anything else - and munchies while spending all that time sitting in front of the computer (at least in my case). Maybe it's more weed than crack.

Glen Farrelly said...
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