Monday, November 13, 2006

Lost in Syndication

Here's a useful article from ClickZ on how businesses can make use of syndicated content and some background on the status of RSS.
10 Ways for E-Marketers to Use RSS

With the release of Internet Explorer and Firefox 2.0, there's even more support for syndication (see my earlier blog posting).

Adoption of syndicated content (via RSS and Atom) is slower than expected, according to various sources. This is confirmed by the fact that when I sent my blog out to a bunch of people many had no idea what feed readers or aggregators were. (Not to throw stones, as I'm still living in a glass house.)

My parents, while not very "wired" had somehow managed to have never even heard the term blog.

So even though geeks and marketers are excited by all this, it has a long way to go apparently.

Recommendation for feed readers
I did get my Dad set up on My Yahoo, which I think is an excellent service combining syndicated content and Yahoo features (except that modules for my Yahoo photos, calendar, and Briefcase hasn't worked in ages).

I've also used Google which seems to make the process of adding new syndicated content very easy. However, I like the (theoretical) integration with my other Yahoo services so I haven't used Google's much.

There are a bunch of other feed readers/aggregators out there. Check out this list from the popular to the arcane. If you have a favourite, please let me know.

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